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Royal, your bench is the most bodacious bench I have ever laid my eyes. I have shot off of a lot of different bench configurations both as a Navy Corpsman, with the Marine Corps, as well as in civilian life. Your bench is absolutely the most stable thing that I have ever shot off of. In the air gun world, where every advantage that one can take in competition is a plus, this will keep me "in the hunt". Many thanks for such a fine product and it was indeed a pleasure to speak with you the other evening.



The bench arrived today. I am very impressed with the design and quality workmanship. Heck, even the way you boxed it up was some of the best packaging I’ve ever seen. My son and I are heading out to the desert tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to using the bench. Looks like it will be just what I’ve been looking for in a portable, stable, “tough as nails” shooting bench.


I received the bench and wanted to let you know that I am well pleased with your product and am looking forward to putting it to use. The packaging was excellent. The bench and seat are well built. The only item that did not impress me was the small bag on the front rest. This is a very small detail as the rest itself is amazing. Thank you for putting out a quality product and not compromising quality to make a cheaper product. I have been waiting to buy this for I think about 12 years since I first saw one. It should shrink my groups significantly as I have been load testing off the hood of my pickup for 40 years with sand bags.
Thanks again,


I read the testimonials and saw the picture of a pickup truck sitting on four of your benches, but just could not believe it is as solid as you say it is. Well, it is. I am amazed at how rock-solid that bench is. I have shot from benches built with a concrete slab sitting on a cinder block base, that probably weigh 400-500 lbs. I cannot say that the Stukey bench is any less solid than those concrete benches. Amazing! Very nicely finished, too.


Hi Royal,

The rests arrived today with no issues. It was surprisingly fast all considered! Just want to thank you for helping me with this – I’m sure happy with the quality of both. The purchase seemed expensive at the time but now that they're here I can say that I’m glad that I’ve invested in this system.


Thanks Royal,

You have exceeded my expectations.


Hi Royal & Jeanie,

I just wanted to update you and let you know how happy I am with my new shooting bench. First of all, it was packed/boxed very well. Whoever does the packaging does an excellent job! Went out this morning with a friend and set it up. I just love it! We both shot off of it, using the stool that came with it. Very pleased with the whole set up. The handle on the table and legs makes it so easy to carry it from the truck and set up. Well worth the investment!



Works great! Use it quite a bit at the Range


Dear Jeanie and Royal,
Thank you for taking the time to reopen and then sincerely sign our bench--it was perfectly personalized, Royal! You are fine folks and we are now so "tickled" with our new Stukey bench! Take good care.
Kindest Regards,
Kathi and Steve

Hi Royal,

I just received my shooting bench. I love it! Thank you for making such a high-quality product. I'll make sure all my friends know about it too.

All the best,

Royal and Jeanie,

Just wanted to let you know I received the bench last week and tried it out over the weekend. It’s Fantastic! Super solid with no wobble and rock steady. I decided to go with a bench instead of prone off bipod as I had back and neck surgery 3 times and have 4 fused vertebrae in my neck and it’s very difficult and painful to lay prone and my neck doesn’t bend anymore. I looked at several options including building my own but I liked the way your bench was designed. It’s going to make shooting more comfortable and will be perfect for load development. I don’t normally send out letters like this, but for a great product hand made by a husband and wife team right here in the U.S., hell yes! Quality product and made right!


Well, I debated for a long time. It's a lot of money. It being made In America and the fact that it's portable won me over.

Thanks, Wade

Opened up the bench today. I’m very impressed with the packaging. You really thought this out. The “Thank You Note” is also a nice touch. It shows a level of care and concern. I’ll be sharing your info with lots of others and I wish you all the best in this business. Frankly, I don’t see any way you can fail.


Good Morning Royal;
I finally unpacked my bench. It arrive a couple weeks ago but the weather has not been “shootable’. I don’t remember getting anything ever that was packed as competently and carefully as this bench. You obviously and justifiably take a great deal of pride in your product. The thing really surpassed my expectations. While it is certainly portable it is heavy enough (a good thing) that I will probably leave it outside at least when the weather is nice. I will contrive some kind of cover to protect the lovely finish. It might be a thought to introduce a cover similar to a grill cover for those like me that want to leave it out.

Best personal regards

Jeanie & Royal,
I unpacked the three benches today. They all arrived safe. I was impressed by both how they were packaged for shipping and I was impressed by the quality of the benches and stools. They are by far the best shooting benches I have ever seen.


Royal, I inspected the entire bench and I must say that the quality by far exceeds anything that I would have expected in today's "blast it out for profit" mentality. But then, after meeting you, just by your demeanor, I would have expected nothing less. In my book of poems, I wrote:

A man who works with his hands is a laborer___
A man who works with his hands, his mind is a craftsman___ but
A man who works with his hands, his mind, his heart, is an artisan...

You are differently an artisan, and it is my pleasure to know you.
I look forward to putting your bench to good use.
Thank you again for taking part of your day to personally deliver your bench to me.

Best Regards,
Dr Don

Royal, Just wanted you to know that I absolutely love the shooting bench. My friend is a Sargent in the local police department and he hates shooting from a bench because they are too unstable. He made one shot from your bench and loved it. We fired both the .50 Cal BMG and the Omen 300 Win Mag from the bench and absolutely love the solid feel.

Thank you.

Dear Royal, Just got around to unpacking and assembling the bench. Wow. I had high expectations and you exceeded them. The hardware is far more robust than I expected it to be and the table is just rock solid. It feels like it’s mounted in concrete. I can’t wait to go shoot on it – all my friends are going to be green with envy. And the Gibraltar drum seat is a perfect match.

Very satisfied,

Hi Royal, About your shooting bench. I was moving between prarie dog towns and it fell off the back of my truck. I backed up to pick it up, and went a little too far. The bench is fine but it totaled my pickup. Damn strong lashup you got there Royal.

Just kidding, it is a great product! My groups tightened up some also, I guess between the seat and the bench I must be in a better shooting position!

Thanks, Jimmy B

Your bench arrived this morning.
It is a high quality piece of shooting equipment and will be put to good use.

Thanks and have a good day!!

Hello, I own two of your shooting benches and enjoy them greatly. Super quality product with zero complaints.

Thank you,

I just want to say you make the best shooting bench and thanks again I will recommend it to friends.


Royal, I love the bench. It is a work of art. There is no doubt in my mind that it will give me years of service.


Took the new bench and a couple of rifles out to the local boondocks this weekend and punched some paper. Your creation works better than advertised and I couldn’t be more pleased. Now, if I could only get my rest and hold to be as stable as the bench, I’d be on my way to Camp Perry. Thanks for a great product and prompt delivery.


Royal, I was looking at the Iron Brigade Armory site and looking at the photos and lo and behold the bottom 2 photos had your shooting bench in the photo. I thought you might like seeing where your benches were being used.


Your bench is really great. I had some reservations about the height, but it is no problem. Thanks again, I am very happy with the product.


Mr. Stukey, I want to take the time to thank you for building a first class outfit. I have shown it to several of my shooting friends. They like it.

Thanks again,

Royal, Great Bench.

1. Used as designed for Rifle shooting
2. I turn it around backwards for sixgun shooting
3. And my wife has me set it up in the family room so she can cut out sewing projects while watching old re-runs of "Perry Mason"

Good Shootin' & God Bless,

Royal, I ordered one of your benches about 2 months ago. I have finally had a chance to make it out to the range with it a couple of times. I am really happy with it, it's solid as a rock, sets up and breaks down quick. Other guys at the range thought it was pretty neat, I showed them your website decal. I did have one guy who all but called me a fool for buying it, but hey, he's the one shooting off the rickety old picnic table, not me!


Royal, It came today. Looks great. Where are these benches built? Very nice design.


I placed my order for your Shooting Bench this Sunday morning. This is a second bench - the one I purchased in 11/2004 still works just fine!


Stukey, the shooting bench you have engineered and manufacture is light years over everything else I have found to date for portable benches...

Sincerely, Harvey

Royal, I just finished setting up your shooting bench and the Gibraltar stool. That is the finest portable shooting bench I have ever laid eyes on. It is rock solid and good lookin’ to boot. The stool takes no second place either. I like the adjustment feature, and it is comfortable. It is the best shooting stool I ever sat on. The wind will be calm tomorrow morning here in Maryland, and your bench is going to get a workout. Thanks for the quality bench. The only thing that would make it better would be if I could be in Wyoming to shoot on it. The pictures of your countryside make me jealous.

Have a good one,

Royal, I have admired your shooting bench for some time, and I finally ordered one today. Any bench that will hold up a pickup truck has got to be damn sturdy. Your website is sweet and simple, and it gets the job done. I hope business is good for you, and I look forward to shooting off your bench.


Howdy: I received my shooting bench yesterday and set it up in the garage. I truly don't think that your ads do it justice. I'm not one to give testimonials lightly but your product is by far the best bench I've seen. Being only 5'7" tall I have only one complaint and that is my normal shooting chair doesn't put me high enough for proper sighting down range. Negatives can be turned into positives as the added bench height will allow me to clear the height of the average barbed wire fence W/O having to tie the top strand down so that the wire is not shot in half. That is embarrassing! Yes, last night I did place an order with your firm for a Gibraltar shooting stool. Your leg caddy is another excellent accessory. Your products will be put to the test on a PD hunt this June in SD. Now if my Jeep doesn't get stuck in the SD gumbo like last year I'll be a very happy camper er, hunter. Keep up the good work and I sure would recommend your products to anyone who wants the best in shooting benches!


My bench arrived today. Solid as a rock, and very well made. Well packed as well. I couldn't be happier!! Thanks for a great product.


The shooting benches [we purchased] are used for shooting tests of our products (rifles and shotguns) in several shooting tunnels at our premises at BROWNING International.

Sincerely, Martine

I received my shooting bench yesterday. I immediately wanted to assemble it inside my garage. I have not even taken it shooting and I am already extremely pleased with my purchase. The quality was even more that I had expected, and it is sturdy beyond my expectations as well. The shooting stool that I purchased is a quality item as well. I just know that I will enjoy using your bench for my next shooting session and I may have to move up the date of the session just to get to use the bench and stool sooner.

It is nice in this day and age to get something worth what you paid for it, and your bench happens to be one of those. I am glad that I went with your bench and not one of those cheap, flimsy folding models. Thank you again for the prompt delivery and for the quality product.


Royal, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality and the tour of the shop. Jimmy has always spoken very highly of you and now I know why! I hope that our paths will cross again real soon... Say hi to your lovely wife.

Best regards, Marc

Got the bench today, well received. I saw one last year, and they are the BEST!


Hello Royal;
I used the bench this weekend. GREAT BENCH!! I was rock steady. There is one bad thing however, I discovered that one of my 45/70 loads does not group as well as I thought. The bench left no 'wiggle' error. I also am using your shooting seat from Contico. Really handy product. Keep up the good work and thanks again.


I should have emailed earlier. Your bench is beautiful. I was concerned about the height, but it is not a problem. I have not had a chance to actually shoot off of it, but soon. I am impressed with the very solid plywood you used. I routed a shallow 3/4" groove around the bench top to catch brass etc if I dropped it. Tool steel did not work for the bit it just wanted to burn the wood, I had to go get a carbide bit.

Thanks again! Mike

Royal, I received my shooting bench and box on Saturday. The shooting bench assembled easily; my compliments on a great product.